Why ?

. Early exposure to computer science and computer programming helps kids in developing strong critical thinking skills, which will help them in all areas of life.

. Exposing kids and teens to computer programming helps kindle strong interest in technology and gives kids a lifelong reward of being able to realize their vision by computer coding and programming.

. Technology education expands creativity and accentuates logical reasoning. Kids Programming helps children develop problem-solving, critical thinking, logical thinking, independence, self-confidence, and communication skills.

. Child minds are flexible and open, and learning code is like learning a foreign language, far easier when they grow up.

. Computer Science and IT technology dominate the most number of highly successful businesses in the US. Learning these skills ensure satisfying and financially secure future.

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Teach Kids Coding skill That Your School Doesn't

Kids Computer Science Grades k - 12

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Coding will be critical skill to success in the future

Awesome project-based curriculum empower kids to create technology and comprehensive learning experience that is amazingly highly interactive, and rewarding in a fun environment.